Dear Housewives,Lamp

We’ve all been there, online in the wee hours, compulsively pinning images to our Pinterest boards. Repinning others’ treasured finds. Perusing West Elm and Crate and Barrel for the perfect terrarium and pinning one’s furniture hopes and decor dreams to the appropriate board.

For a while now I’ve been carefully cultivating a certain Pinterest board. As a housewife, you know that home decor is never done. Rather than repinning existing content, I’ve been pinning from obscure websites as I search for pieces and inspiration to add to this particular Pinterest board. I’ve literally spent hours looking for amazing content.

Since I’ve started this project, one particular friend of mine repeatedly pins my obscure content, but rather than repinning my find, she goes to the original site and creates a pin of her own. Making it seem like she has gone out and found these objects. Making her seem way cooler than she is. Making her a thief. She knows her way around social media and Pinterest, and it’s quite evident that she knows she’s pinterfeiting. As we all¬†know, this is not appropriate Pinterest etiquette. So last week, when I was visiting her house, I stole one of her lamps.

Portman Doe

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