Be sure to fill your box!

Lady Boxes

Dear Housewives,

Are you currently filling up your box? I am.

Last Christmas, Kate Trgovac, the social media maven of Vancouver, took part in the Shoebox Project. The Shoebox Project is simple: People fill a shoebox with around $50 worth of Christmas goodies to be given to one of the many women in Canada living in a shelter or taking part in an outreach program. This gift is a small thing. It certainly doesn’t take the place of trying to make changes in our communities and cultures, but still, this gift is fucking important. For many women, this will be their only gift of the season. So let’s delight the ladies!

Kate has already posted about getting started for this year’s Shoebox Project. Instead of purchasing everything at Christmastime when the stores are packed and there’s a ton on one’s list, Kate suggests starting earlier in the year. Grab small items when you happen by them.

I love the idea of shopping early.  If there’s one thing about Christmas that I hate, it’s waiting in line; finishing my shopping by sneaking things out of other shoppers’ carts is exhausting. Lessons learned:  1.) Just for Men hair dye will fit in a stocking, 2.) Kit will continue to bring it up for years, and 3.) Buying early for the Shoebox Project is just plain smart.

So far, I’ve got some toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a very nice organic face lotion. I’m planning on getting some lip balm, a pretty pair of warm mittens, some transit tickets, and Christmas chocolates, too. I think you, housewives, should follow suit. Fill your box, and fill it frequently.

Portman Doe