Portman Doe goes to a conference

Dear Housewives,

I know I’ve been remiss in writing. Things have been busy. I’ve neglected you. My bad. Here’s hoping this post makes it up to you.

Last week, Kit was away in Toronto doing businesslady things, and I was left to my own devices. Luckily for me, the 2013 Feminists in Games conference was being held in town. I was pretty stoked to attend. After all, the conference was featuring talks by Brenda LaurelAnita Sarkeesian, and TL Taylor.

I must say that the fashion did not disappoint. Second-wave feminists arrived in their t-shirts and blazers, others in their now-on-trend late 80’s fashion. One thing’s for sure: synthetic fabrics made in 1987 retain their sheen and will never ever biodegrade. It is enviable that these woman can still fit their vintage pieces some twenty years later. No doubt healthy eating, exercise and a two-pack a day habit help maintain their figures. A lesson for us all.

Young hetero(?) ladies attending this as their first conference tended towards monochromatic suit jackets with skirts. With fresh makeup and sleek hair, clean lines were the choice for these young ingenues.

Male feminist allies in attendance rose to the fashion challenge, several wearing button-down shirts and others with suit jackets. Some sported unique taste in facial hair.

The queer femmes and the genderqueer set (or at least those that I would problematically identify as queer) were the most on trend. I spotted a modern twist on a Chanel-inspired suit paired with a blouse featuring a draped neckline. Always a pleasure to see: the perfect pair of slim jeans paired with a rodeo shirt and finished with a fauxhawk. There were pencil skirts and pussy bows seated next to vests and bow-ties. The queers brought the most flawless fashion sense to the scene.

Those with more daring fashion tastes donned a sleeveless jacket made from dead Ewoks or stole a frock from Mrs. Roper’s closet. These forays provided contrast to the t-shirt contingent. Admittedly, I am disappointed not to see more conference attendees pairing stilettos with their t-shirts in order to add a level of chicness to their otherwise Atari-themed look.

All in all, FiG2013 did not disappoint in the area of fashion flair. I can’t wait to see what fashion is in store for next year’s conference.

Portman Doe


2 Responses to “Portman Doe goes to a conference”

  1. Roro

    Dear Portman,

    Do you think I could pull off a rodeo shirt?


    • Portman Doe

      Dear Creampuff,

      You’re a gold star. I’m sure you’ve pulled off many rodeo shirts in your time. The question is: How many ladies did they belong to?

      Portman Doe