We be jammin’

Dear Housewives,

When my best friend Edna asked me if I’d like to come over to make jam, I immediately said yes. After all, having already learned a bit about making cheese, crafting my own shoes, and baking bread, canning would be the perfect addition to my domestic repertoire.

I was very worried that canning jam would be hard. Boiling water, hot glass, tongs. Sounds just like my dad’s meth lab.

Instead, canning with Edna was more like this:

Just kidding. It was a different kind of glamorous. I wore my workout clothes, rather then something more feathered, in case anything got too sticky or if we needed to run away quickly.


First, Edna got all the ingredients ready.


Then Edna mashed the blueberries.


After that, Edna added the other ingredients and heated it up till it it was ready to put in the  jars.



Then Edna put the jars in the hot water for ten minutes.

Finally, Edna took the jars out, and they all popped like virgins on prom night.

All in all, I have to say that watching Edna make jam was far easier than I thought it would be.


Portman Doe