Reminiscing on Il Postino

Dear Housewives,

I do love a good Italian film, especially if it gives me the opportunity to be pretentious.

I recall a Friday evening some time ago when our TV Guide channel announced that Il Postino was scheduled as the midnight movie on a local Vancouver television station. How exciting! It was back before the days of Netflix, and what a stroke of luck to have such a lovely little film about a postman’s love affair with Pablo Neruda  a woman whom he woos with the help of an exiled Pablo Neruda.  And who doesn’t adore Pablo Neruda? A quick glance at OKCupid’s dating profiles show that 72% of women list the love poems of Pablo Neruda as the last thing they read.

Anyway, Il Postino was slated to start at 12:05 am, and I mentally prepared myself for a late, late night. I sat in the armchair, cozied up with some cocoa, and warm in a blanket. Il Postino is announced on screen as the midnight movie. And then…


Why was Kevin Costner on my screen?

The local station put on The Postman, the post-apocalyptic 177-minute long Kevin Costner feature film, rather than my ridiculous little Italian film.  I thought I’d give The Postman a try. Field of Dreams and Bull Durham were both good. After an hour of mind-numbing watching I thought I’d stick through it. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Let’s just say that The Postman didn’t deliver. And I can’t decide exactly what happened at our local station that caused the mix-up. Was it a cruel joke on Italian film-lovers? Was an imbecile who thought they were playing the right film? Or was it a die hard Costner fan?

We’ll never know, casalinghe.

Portman Doe