Monthly Archives: August 2014

Astronautical Delights

Dear Housewives, Kit and I are hooked on the TV series Extant. Privatization of space exploration. Aliens or viruses or something. Androids. Its star-filled cast includes Halle Berry, Hiroyuki Sanada, Goran Visnijc, Camryn Manheim and Pierce Gagnon, the little boy who blew my mind in Looper. But Extant is ridiculous, and here’s why: (SPOILERS, housewives. Spoilers. But not for the most recent episodes.) Let’s start… Read more »

Portman Doe and the Case of the Shit-tastic Zucchini Bread

Dear Housewives, I recently repainted my kitchen and doing so required that I clean every inch of my domestic haven. There behind the microwave, I found the recipe for my grandmother’s zucchini bread. The best thing about my grandmother’s recipe is that it’s pretty much identical to almost all other recipes for zucchini bread on… Read more »