Don we now our gay apparel

Dear Housewives,

The holiday season is no longer upon us. Thank goodness. If you’re anything like me, and you probably are, exhaustion has set in. You can only muster the energy to watch entire seasons of Miranda and Project Runway: All Stars. You’re probably asking yourself, “How did this happen?” or “Why am I now wearing leggings as pants?” Let me explain.

During the holiday season, a fashionable housewife has to come up with sensational dishes for the home and for friends’ potluck get togethers. Tourtières. Decadent cheese logs. Tartlets. Enough cranberries to ward off a year’s worth of UTIs. Preparing all these dishes and finding the perfect serving vessel is very tasking. There are standards to uphold, friends to out-do, enemies to make. However, due to the Advent of Social Media, it’s the wardrobe selection that really does a housewife in.

Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and Vine and goodness knows what else mean that every time one attends a holiday extravaganza that one’s pictures end up online and tagged. Kit and I attended many events where there wouldn’t be that much overlap in party attendees. Even so, without care, our Facebook timelines could have demonstrated a lack of attention to presentation had we not created a wardrobe spreadsheet. By outlining our clothing selection, we ensured our ensembles coordinated without matching each other, and we maintained a lack of wardrobe repetition. A simple Excel spreadsheet really works wonders.

I also learned this holiday season not to give this advice while at a party.


Portman Doe