Monthly Archives: April 2015

Thank you for choosing Cat Facts

Dear Housewives, Do you know a lady who owns a cat or two? Do you notice that they often Instagram their cats? That they often talk about their cats as loved ones? Perhaps in their homes they have special spots reserved for their pets? Are they obsessed with looking at cats on the Internet? I… Read more »

Portman Doe is bawlin’

Dear Housewives, As you may know, buried deep within my ample, yet perky, bosom is a small, cold heart. Testament to my heart of stone, I seem to remain void of any emotion when watching even the most moving of programming. Case in point: I gave no hint of emotion while watching the new Star Wars trailer…. Read more »

Mirror, Mirror

Dear Housewives, Picture it. Vancouver, 2015. Kit’s company was holding one of its parties. A little get-together, spouses and boyfriends and girlfriends and dogs invited. They turn the conference room into a buffet of Doritos and sushi, and we all meander around the office with our tipples, chit-chatting about banal topics. I had been cornered near the… Read more »

Being camp

Dear Housewives, A couple of weeks ago, Kit and I took a big step in our relationship. Although, I should say it was more than just a step. It was a move to expand our horizons. To challenge ourselves. To grow as individuals and as a couple. We went camping. There are lesbians who love to… Read more »

Murder, She Rote

Dear Housewives, Many people would argue that watching cozy murder mysteries is a mindless form of entertainment: an hour or so of clean cut whodunnit with minimal gore and a tight wrap-up. Those people have shortchanged the cozy mystery. Through extensive televisual research, I have come to realize that Jessica Fletcher, Hercule Poirot, and Rosemary… Read more »