Calling Lady Gregor

Dear Housewives,

Exciting times here in Vancouver! It’s raining. I tried my manicured hand at making pretzels. The Vancouver Pride Society Board (rightfully) banned Christie Clark and the BC Liberals from participating in the Pride Parade. And municipal party Vision Vancouver has come up with a pretty triumphant idea for stirring up its gay vote: an evening at Celebrities nightclub starring RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Jinkx Monsoon with a helping hand from DJ Mayor Gregor Robertson.

As we know, a listicle is the best way to present a quick, clear argument such as why Mayor Robertson should perform in drag at Vision:Proud.

1. This would be an excellent opportunity for Mayor Robertson to wear a bike-lane themed ensemble.

2. Mayor Robertson is known for developing Vancouver, so maybe it’s time for him to develop some other talents.

3. It’s easy to show up and DJ #NoHomo. But how about some actual buy-in? How about an evening of walking in her stilettos? (And there are stores that sell larger shoes in town so, Gregor, you can pick up a pair this weekend.)

4. Portland’s mayor cameoed in Portlandia. What have you done for the queer hipster, Mayor Robertson?

5. Lady Gregor: Drag Queen Name Achievement Unlocked.

Housewives, if you’d like to see Mayor Robertson perform as Lady Gregor, please retweet. Let’s make Vancouver proud.


Portman Doe

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