Bubble bubble, toil and trouble

Dear Housewives,

It’s shortly after 5:30 am as I compose this letter to you. I woke up early to a disaster of a kitchen.  Dishes and pots and trays and glasses covered our countertops, all leftover from last night’s dinner party extravaganza. One dishwasher is just not enough. I know, I know. You’re wondering, housewives, how I’m surviving with just one dishwasher. It’s like living the life of a medieval peasant. Everyone knows that having two dishwashers is a basic need for the queer housewife. Le sigh.

Last night I soaked the dirtiest of the pans and filled the dishwasher to the brim. Unfortunately, I used the very last of my dishwasher detergent so this morning I had a serious decision to make. Should I wait until the store opens to buy more detergent or should I look on Pinterest to find a DIY dishwasher detergent recipe?

I have now purposefully used a concoction which includes dishwashing liquid in my dishwasher. The cycle is underway.

I’m not sure if I should fear the worst or just go with it. It might be like that time when I was living in Spain, and we went to a converted nunnery that hosted a discotheque with a dancefloor filled 5 feet high in bubbles. I never did find out where my pants went.



Portman Doe


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