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Resolute for the New Year

Dear Housewives, Thank goodness the chaos of the holidays and the New Year is behind us. Running into acquaintances in January inevitably leads to questions about New Year’s resolutions, and I, frankly, housewives, have had enough of those questions. Isn’t December’s gauntlet of baking, gift-wrapping and one-upmanship enough? In fact, this year I was so… Read more »

Know It All

Dear Housewives, I am deluged with emails from you all, begging me for advice, so I decided that I should probably dip into the Fendi mailbag. Today, for your benefit, housewives, is the first instalment of Portman Doe Knows It All. Dear Portman, I am concerned that I have ugly feet. Janet from Vancouver, British Columbia Dear… Read more »

We are all Magi

Dear Housewives, Easter is almost here. I can tell because Pinterest keeps suggesting pages about crafting the perfect Easter display. Just using things around the house, you can make your own burlap and marshmallow peep wreath. Don’t let your kids use a ready-made basket for the Easter egg hunt. Take a cereal box and papier-mâché it to… Read more »

Don we now our gay apparel

Dear Housewives, The holiday season is no longer upon us. Thank goodness. If you’re anything like me, and you probably are, exhaustion has set in. You can only muster the energy to watch entire seasons of Miranda and Project Runway: All Stars. You’re probably asking yourself, “How did this happen?” or “Why am I now wearing leggings… Read more »


Dear Housewives, We’ve all been there, online in the wee hours, compulsively pinning images to our Pinterest boards. Repinning others’ treasured finds. Perusing West Elm and Crate and Barrel for the perfect terrarium and pinning one’s furniture hopes and decor dreams to the appropriate board. For a while now I’ve been carefully cultivating a certain… Read more »