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Resolute for the New Year

Dear Housewives, Thank goodness the chaos of the holidays and the New Year is behind us. Running into acquaintances in January inevitably leads to questions about New Year’s resolutions, and I, frankly, housewives, have had enough of those questions. Isn’t December’s gauntlet of baking, gift-wrapping and one-upmanship enough? In fact, this year I was so… Read more »

F is the loneliest number

Dear Housewives, I’ve been recovering from having to explain the birds and the bees to young children. By “the birds and the bees,” I mean the sex. The players: Cora, aged 9 Maude, Cora’s little sister, aged 7 Portman, timeless Alexandra and Brian, Portman and Kit’s friends and Cora & Maude’s parents The scene: Alexandra… Read more »